About Us

Studio Flourish is a premier floral and events company dedicated to creating exquisite experiences through the art of floral design. At Studio Flourish, we believe the flowers have the power to uplift, inspire and transform any space. Our focus lies in crafting feminine, joyful and peaceful arrangements that celebrates life’s special moments in a way that is truly magical.
Studio Flourish About Us Mission  
Everest, the founder of Studio Flourish, brings a unique perspective to her new venture from almost two decades of experience in the financial industry. 
Everest envisions every event as an opportunity to create enchanting moments and lifelong memories for her clients. However, Everest’s vision extends far beyond the surface-level enchantment. She recognizes the social and economic inequalities present in our society and aims to tackle them through her business. By actively seeking out partnerships with underprivileged communities, Everest plans to provide training, employment and fair wages to individuals who have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream workforce.